Richie Romero

They say if you can make it in New York, you can make it anywhere, and for Big Apple native Richie Romero, this certainly rings true. Romero first began honing his networking skills on the New York club scene at the tender age of sixteen, with no less of a jumpstart than New York’s legendary Limelight and Red Zone clubs. Within three years, Romero had moved up from the right-hand man position of sub-promoter to throwing and directing his own parties.  A true networking prodigy, one might say; at an age when most kids are still trying to sneak into their first college keg party, Romero was already staging sophisticated bashes in a city where the nightlife never stops. His reputation for exceptional red carpet & VIP events only served to encourage the growing buzz around Romero as the youngest producer in the dynamic arena of New York nightlife promotions.

Far from content to rest on his laurels, Romero chose instead to add credentials to his considerable experience by earning a MBA in Marketing and Management from Manhattan’s very own Baruch College. While he admits his educational background gives him an advantage, Romero claims it is his well-developed resourcefulness and versatility that really give him an edge over the competition.  His willingness to sustain a breakneck pace that would knock out even the most high-energy contenders might also have a little something to do with his achievements. “From the beginning, I was doing things other people were afraid of doing,” admits Romero. “I was doing multiple parties in a single night, with at least one every night, from ten to fourteen parties a week.” Even for a city that never sleeps, Richie Romero was setting stamina records for nightlife promoters– and setting the bar higher for everyone else in the game.

Finding himself at the head of his class in New York, Romero also found himself the head of a rapidly expanding company, Clique “I started off with just a few sub-promoters, guys I had known for a while in the industry,” says Romero. “But my company just kept growing, and before I knew it I was leading a team of over seventy sub-promoters and staff workers.” This is in addition, of course, to the hundreds, if not thousands, of influential contacts Romero had acquired by this point. Without giving his momentum a chance to decelerate, Romero began the process of extending his empire to include other internationally renowned nightlife meccas. “We started throwing parties in Las Vegas, Miami, and even Montreal,” Romero says, an accomplishment he sees as “a natural progression.”

When asked what the real key to his success might be, Romero doesn’t cite his unstoppable energy or remarkable foresight. “I’m an honest person,” he concedes, “and even if it may work against me at times, I can always sleep at night.” This is doubtful, considering that on any given night he’s busy throwing at least two outrageous parties instead of sleeping, but his belief is that there is no substitute for integrity is what he sees as his greatest asset. That and, he adds with a smile, “being charming and a good dancer doesn’t hurt.”

Richie Romero has handled the marketing & nightlife for such great venues over the years as Tunnel, Life, Lotus, Pangea, Show, Crobar, Gansevoort Miami, Mansion Miami, Ghost Bar Vegas, , Pure, Borgata AC, Philliphe Chow, China Grill, The Diner, Stanton Social, TAO, Butter, Marquee,  Cain, Avenue, and 1OAK just to name a few.

Currently Romero is the in-house Nightlife & Marketing director for 1OAK,Butter and The Darby, in NYC. In Atlantic City he is a partner in Angel Management Group which now oversees all the Nightlife Marketing for the new Revel Hotel & Casino, and in Las Vegas he is the Director of Marketing & Promotions for Wet Republic at MGM Grand where he is going on his 5th year now with MGM.