Scope of Services

Scope of Services

Restaurant marketing- Both external and 4 wall internal marketing programs developed for your specific needs. We customize programs to increase your brand exposure resulting in more traffic to your asset and business.

Restaurant marketing plan- Proven expertise in creating quantifiable results through internal and external marketing. Work with ownership and management on a S.W.O.T analysis and use this information to create a results oriented marketing plan. We will provide creative marketing plans utilizing proven programs and out of the box thinking to implement traffic drivers to your operation.

Demographic and market research- Who is your guest or customer? We will work with your team to identify your target audience and then how you will best market to them to drive brand awareness to your audience.

Restaurant Competitive market analysis- We will chart all of your direct and indirect competition. Analysis includes competitor’s location, operating hours, concept overview, pricing of like products, event information, specials, promotions and seating capacities.

Restaurant Site Selection- We begin by utilizing demographic and market research as well as competitive analysis to help you identify the best location for your operation. Our expertise includes Lease negotiations, license and permitting.

Restaurant Office administration and set up- Our programming includes FF&E and OS&E as well as personnel, management and oversight to get the best pricing and efficiencies.

Restaurant Risk evaluation- Our proven programming and assessment tools will help you to mitigate any serious risk and give a true “score” to evaluate potential financial exposure.

Restaurant Business plan development- We will work with your team in creating branding statements and initiatives, Concept statements as well as all financial modeling including POB, Construction and Development budget, Operating P&L, 5 year pro-forma and ROI analysis.

Collateral development- Our expertise and strategic partnerships can help you with your branding, graphic design, marketing collateral, web-site development and all other branding needs.

Restaurant Facility design/space programming- With over 25 years of experience and over 75 Restaurant, Club, Bar, Lounge and Hotel openings, we can help you to best lay out your property to optimize space, design intent and seating programming to maximize sales.

Restaurant Construction management/ Build out- Our years of experience using many General Contractors and Subs as well as working with the industries best interior designers, gives us the expertise to manage budgets and contractors to maximize your investment.

Liquor License consultation- Having owned liquor licenses in many states as well as gaming licenses, we are qualified to shepherd your company through the process and help to expedite through community, county and state boards.

Property concept development- Having developed, operated, created and/or owned some of the biggest brands in the industry, we can help you to create a concept and brand that will have tremendous “must go there” credibility.

Marketing and Public Relations concepts/strategies- Our ability to create and then relay the “story” of your brand to the world through customized marketing and Public relations strategic campaigns and pitch plans.

Menu engineering/development and concepts- We have created and conceptualized menus for countless concepts and brands through the years. Many factors are considered in menu development and layout including product/ item selection and placement, concept focus and consistency, pricing, sales viability, tastings and focus groups.

Beverage programming- from back bar and well placement to specialty cocktail and wine programs, we can create a compelling beverage program to match your food concept. We are also able to handle all vendor negotiations including national account status directly through the suppliers for multi state operators.

Inventory and cost control analysis- financial analysis available through a variety of indicators including food and beverage cost controlling, item sales analysis, inventory to sales analysis and shrinkage control.

Purchasing programs/vendor relations- through our many industry relationships and years of purchasing history, we can set up new or assume existing purchasing programs including FF&E, OS&E and F&B.

Financial planning- from funding schedules to capital acquisition, we can provide a full range of options for existing operations and start-ups.

FF&E/OS&E programming- we will work directly with ownership, developer and designer to source and negotiate pricing, shipping and freight for all of your fixtures, furniture and operating supplies. Our network includes custom fabricators and off the shelf pieces made around the world.

Quality control systems and audits- mystery shopping services available as well as customizing a quality audit for your business to maintain quality and consistency of your operation by providing a detailed report.

Service training standards/manuals- our team can provide training, both hands on and written, for all individual operational positions from management to line level employees. We offer this training customized to your specific concept and provide training manuals for each individual team member.

Music/entertainment programming- we can create the Vibe that is right for your operation. From sound system selection, music programming and talent, we will provide your operation with everything from DJ’s to bands to programmed music.

Interim restaurant management- we will provide the human resources to continue the management of your business while we help you to identify, hire and train a permanent management team.

Provide project opening, transition or auditing Task Forces- We have the human capital, operational talent and expertise to support a property opening or transition as well as provide an audit of an existing operations.

Restaurant Opening and ownership transitions- Having opened over 75 properties, we are poised and able to support any hospitality industry property opening as well as supporting the transition of ownership of a property to ensure a smooth transfer so as not to disrupt the on-going operation.

Sanitation Audits- Customized to your state and local health codes, we will provide the materials for self-audits as well as provide a sanitation consultant for staff training as necessary.

Catering/Special Events sales training and support- our expertise in special events and catering sales, planning and execution of events from 20 to 2000.

Kitchen operations review and training- with a background in culinary arts and kitchen operations, we provide an operational expertise with staffing, training, menu creation, costing, sanitation and scheduling.

Management recruitment- Because of our long history in the industry, we are able to utilize our resources to find top talent that we have relationships with. Unlike a headhunter, we have worked on some level with the candidates that we put forth for your review.